1. Sales of licenseYou will get a Nvivo 12 license, a download link or a media kit as necessary.
  2. Implementation –We will help you through the process of implementing Nvivo 12 on your IT infrastructure be it a desktop, server, LAN, WAN and ensure that it functions properly and optimally so that you gain maximum value.
  3. Integration with third party - Sometime systems may need integration of third party hardware and software component for additional capabilities.
  4. TrainingWe will train your users on the processes and features to effectively perform required tasks using Nvivo 12
  5. Support and maintenanceWe will continuously work with all user to resolve any arising issues while using Nvivo 12
  6. Renewal and upgrade of license -If the license is not a perpetual one, it will expire and require to be renewed. Oftentimes Nvivo software is upgraded with newer versions which have improved capabilities and some bugs removed, clients should upgrade to continue enjoying the benefits of the software.