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Agricultural Tours (Inbound and Outbound Tours)

What we offer

IRES offer designing and operating of inbound and outbound agricultural tours that will meet the unique needs and interests of your group! Our incoming-department handles requests from travel agencies, universities and farm groups for customized tours to Kenya.  Our outbound services are available to organizations, universities and farm groups traveling to international destinations.
IRES customizes all of our tours to match the specific interests of the group, ranging in focus from forestry to dairy to horticulture, as well as offering general agriculture tours for a broad view of the countries visited.
Agricultural tours can be comprised of various types of agriculture, including dairy farming, desert irrigation, drip irrigation, greenhouses, aquaculture, ecological farming and green energy.
Many groups prefer an itinerary that includes a wide range of different agricultural fields, while others prefer the main focus to be on the particular field of agriculture that they work in or are interested in learning about.
Agro itineraries generally include visits to farms and facilities to see first-hand how innovations are implemented. They also include lectures and professional meetings with experts in specific fields where visitors can learn as well as ask questions.
We offer tailor-made itineraries to suit each group’s needs and interests, making sure to include a variety of sites to visit and professionals to meet. This is to ensure each group receives the maximum information needed to assist them in implementing necessary procedures once back home.


Green House

Inbound Tour

  1. Nairobi Tour
  2. Naivasha Tour
  3. Coastal Tour
  4. Nyanza Tour 
  5. Central Highlands Tour
  6. Northern Kenya Tour

Outbound Tours

  1. Ethiopia
  2. South Africa
  3. Rwanda
  4. Egypt
  5. Singapore
  6. Malaysia
  7. Israel
  8. Netherlands
  9. China
  10. India
  11. France

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Specializing in agricultural tours, we provide many services including:

  • Arranging for international and domestic air ticketing
  • Rail and ferry transportation
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Food and meeting service
  • Tour escorts and interpreters
  • Sightseeing
  • Technical visits to meet the educational and cultural requirements of the group
We have hundreds of personal contacts with farmers, extension advisory personnel, and government and agricultural business executives around the world.  You can be confident that your tour group will be treated with expert care during your travels.

How to plan for your tour

IRES is here to help you get started with planning your tour.

Remember to allow sufficient time for planning and enlightening your members on the tour objectives, benefits and itinerary. We recommend a lead time of six months (at minimum) to a year or more. This has been proven to produce the best results and will allow members to adjust the itinerary and plan their calendar and budget accordingly.

To help us prepare your detailed program and quote, please complete the Tour Registration Form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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