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About Us

IRES is Africa’s premier market and social research company based in Nairobi with branches and affiliates partners in several other countries. We are a preferred supplier for major development organizations, consultancies, global and local businesses. IRES is your partner in data collection, data sourcing and data analysis. Talk to us and we will help you ask the right questions and use the most appropriate methods to reach out to the market. Our products will help you listen to both your current and potential customers at the right time and most convenient ways.We have conducted bespoke research projects since 2003 and have a recent project track record in more than 20 countries across Africa.

If you are looking to enter a new market, develop a new product, create a new brand, find out how satisfied customers or employees are, target markets more efficiently, or test the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, then IRES is your provider of choice. We have a wide range of products that will help you get the right information from the market at the right time. Use our technology and techniques to reach out to the market and get the appropriate market insights for your business.

We have business experience in the areas of professional services, automobile, agriculture, fast moving consumer goods, trade outlets, Information technology, Financial services, Travel & Tourism, Real estate, Pharma among others.

Our Solutions

Trade and Services Research

  • Customized category panels
  • Customized category panels
  • geo-mapping
  • Retail census
  • mystery shopping
  • Channel management surveys

Consumer Trends and Insights

  • Usage and attitude surveys
  • Consumer need and trends
  • Market size and Segmentation studies

Know Your Customer

  • Customer Loyalty Index
  • Satisfaction Index and
  • Net Promoter Score

Ethnographic and Observational Research Surveys

  • Ethnographic Observation
  • Ethnographic Interviews
  • Short ethnographic studies
  • Personalities Research

    • Personality and ability surveys
    • Case studies and self-report methods
    • Experimental methods
    • Personality interview and rating scales

    Product Development Research

    • Retail market questionnaires
    • Merchandising reports
    • Promotional reports
    • Competitor surveys

    Retail Audit and Distribution Measurement

    • Retail market questionnaires
    • Merchandising reports
    • Promotional reports
    • Competitor surveys

    Online / Social Media Trends and insights

    • Data collection and other Custom BPO Services

    Communications, Campaigns and Branding Research

    • Identifying and profiling key audience
    • Internal Branding Campaigns
    • Achieving campaign effectiveness
    • Testing and refining communications messages and techniques

    Brand tracking, Diagnostics and Position

    • Usage and attitude studies
    • Designing a brand tracker

    Market and Competitive Intelligence

    • Conducting surveys on competition
    • Analyzing sales records and published market research reports
    • Interviewing customers and prospects

    Pricing and Value for Money Studies

    • Pricing Surveys
    • Price Rating Scales

    Our Products

    OPLOS Shuttle

    This is a multi-client survey. OPLOS Shuttle is a highly cost-effective way of understanding your target consumer while enjoying higher statistical reliability and flexibility.

    We use a representative sample of 4000 per quarter covering the whole of Kenya except North Eastern, Marsabit, Turkana and Samburu.

    OPLOS Shuttle is designed to enable individuals and organization for all sectors access research findings while optimizing on budgetary allocations.

    OPLOS Shuttle can be used for a one-off exploration and tracking of almost any topic of interest: baseline, brand awareness, advertising recall, attitudes, in-home presence, opinions on social issues.


    Women make over 80% of household buying decisions, making the woman any marketer’s most wanted target. Dadanalytics is a study that analyses the Kenyan female consumer and her influence on the things that really matter to your business.

    We study her free time activities, values and aspirations, health, products/brand usage, motoring, marriage & family, income & expenditure, and environment, and then segment her by age, income, social economic class, education, employment, role, single, marriage, motherhood, personality traits, personal perceptions, values and attitudes.

    The XYZ Divide

    A journey through Social media consumption habits of generation X, Y and Z. The youth, as you well know, are a most important market segment. They have discretionary spending power, they spend family money, and are future spenders. They influence parents’ spending decisions, are trendsetters, and form habits and values now that persist later in life.

    OPLOS Depth

    OPLOS Depth is an ethnographic tool that bridges the gap between what people say they do and what they actually do. It allows companies to immerse themselves into their consumer’s lives in order to understand their world and real situations which in turn will translate into innovations, ideas and business opportunities.

    It allows for an understanding of needs that consumers cannot articulate without relying on consumer memory and recall by immersing into the life of the consumer.

    SME Rescue Pack

    This is an IRES product targeted at the small businesses with low budget research solutions.


    Customer Loyalty Index, Satisfaction Index and Net Promoter Score.

    Insights Captain

    This is an IRES bespoke tool that utilizes quick, fast and cost-effective Online and SMS survey solutions allowing for top of mind consumer feedback and opinion polling with a quick turnaround of results.

    Custom BPO Services

    • Data collection apps design
    • Data collection, entry and transcription
    • Data Processing and analysis
    • Secondary data sourcing and analysis

    Our Platforms

    Online surveys

    With an ever growing accessible to computing and internet, online interviews are have become synonymous with data collection. Our online surveys run on a secure, robust and user friendly platform without geographical limitations. It is capable of handling short or lengthy, simple or complex forms while ensuring a smooth transition between questions and question groups.

    Use our online system and reach out to the multitude at their convenience and comfort while experiencing increased accuracy and reduced turnaround times.

    Computer Aided Telephone Interviews

    We have a well-equipped data Center, manned by well trained staff, with vast experience in handling telephone interviews. All our interviews are monitored and recorded for quality assurance to ensure all interviews meet the MSRA's code of conduct.

    Our CATI system increases accuracy, improves productivity, reduces turnaround times and provides greater management control than pen and paper questionnaire management. Use our well-equipped data center to reach out to your target respondent.

    MAPI (Mobile Assisted Personal Interviews)

    With over 2000 registered interviewers with latest tablets and smart phones, we are arguably the most advanced providers mobile data collection in Africa.

    Our MAPI system allows for both online and offline data collection and also eliminates the cost and time spent on transporting, coding and entering the responses from physical questionnaires. Use our MAPI platform to collect data real-time and save time and money and eliminate use of paper.

    Research Methods

    Qualitative surveys
    IRES qualitative research supports both business-to-business and consumer studies. Qualitative research is used to understand underlying reasons, motivations and opinions, behaviors and social contexts. It is exploratory in nature and seeks to answer the questions why, how, what, when, where, and who. We draw out appropriate information from them through our B2B, B2C, C-Level executives and large scale consumer interviews. Our team creates solutions that deliver real insight that can be turned into action.

    Our qualitative approaches include Focus Group Discussions, Mini Groups & Friendship Groups, Consumer Immersions, Triads, In-depth interviews, online group discussions, consumer panels, Ethnographic research, Mobile Diaries, Customer Journey mapping, Respondent Recruitment, Market visits/Customer safari, Shop-a-longs/Accompanied shops, Desk research, Industry research reports, Market entry reports.

    Creative workshops:
    We engage stakeholders in open discussions on research findings to generate deeper insights for implementation as strategy
    Consumer Immersions:
    We attempt to explain how culture represents the cultural constructions, in which we live through participant observations. Participants live and form bonds within the environment the ethnography is being conducted spending months or years within this environment
    Quantitative research
    In quantitative research, we seek to measure the proportion of a population so we can understand how many people in a certain segment think or behave the way that they do. It makes use of measurable data to formulate facts and uncover patterns. Quantitative research answers the questions how many, what is the ratio, what percentage, at what price and all other questions that need statistical validity. It is used to quantify attitudes opinions and behaviors. Our experts are well-versed in translation, research design, briefing, interview execution, data collection, analysis and interpretation of results in the context of various African languages and cultures. We deliver reliable, measurable and accurate data.

    Our quantitative approaches include Survey development, Face to Face interviews, Telephonic Interviews, Hall Tests, Consumer panels, Mystery shopping and Online surveys. .
    Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing
    Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

    Our digital marketing approaches include; Digital strategy formulation, Online marketing, Search Engine optimization, Mobile Advertising and Pay per click advertising.

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