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Research, Data Science and Econometrics Short Courses

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Computer Science and IT Short Courses

Our Computer Science and IT courses gives you a chance to maintain and upgrade your skills in a field that is always evolving.
Our IT courses focus on problem solving across all areas of computing. This will give you a good understanding of how computers and technology work, and the latest information, trends and research in computers and IT.
We combine technical computer course skills with business understanding, as employers today often seek commercially-aware computer science employees.
Industry-leading experts provide instruction and mentorship, and inclusive learning modalities to give learners the flexibility to study in the manner that suits them best.
The main role of these training workshops is to impact knowledge in applied aspects of IT and emerging real-world problems of various kinds faced by the industries and the society on both the technological and environmental fronts.

GIS, Remote Sensing and CAD Short Courses


Agriculture and Rural Development Short Courses

Procurement, Logistics and Supply chain Management Short Courses

Until recently, procurement was a necessary, but seldom celebrated, component of multinational corporations. But times have changed: These days, procurement organizations within companies are playing pivotal roles in the success of global firms in ways that old-fashioned purchasing managers could never have imagined.

Procurement has become an integral part of corporate performance. The main role of IRES Procurement and Supply Chain management Workshops is to offers specific management skills; melding together recent, industry concepts that provide an advanced level skill set that is applicable of any procurement professional. This is an important consideration for private business owners, public sector and NGO’s who are looking to maximize their investments, creating a more efficient cash-flow system when purchasing marketable items.

PR, Communication and Languages Short Courses

Communication is the heart of every organization. Everything you do in the workplace boils down from communication. Moving forward and creating human connections and networking is as a result of communication.

Training in public relations helps you be in a position to determine a client’s target market and significantly persuade and influence the mindset of the public in many game-changing ways.

Learning a language allows you to think the unthinkable. It allows us to think, feel, speak, listen, read and write in new ways you never thought possible.

The main role of IRES PR, Communication and Languages Workshops is to make you become a good reader, writer, speaker and listener and communicator. These skills are essential if tasks are going to be completed and goals achieved.

Leadership and  Management Skills Short Courses

Great leaders aren’t born – they’re made. And effective leadership training is one of the ways they’re created. Responding to unanticipated challenges in today’s business world has become a key skill especially for people in leadership and management roles or for people who aspire to become one. The main role of IRES Leadership and Management Skills training workshops is to empower and influence individuals to achieve business and team goals by becoming effective leaders in the workplace.

The training assists in implementing the most appropriate leadership style for your organization and the work you do. Business executives who embrace this idea and embark on leadership training run effective business organizations that are always ahead of the curve.

Sales and Marketing Short Courses

The world of Sales and Marketing has infinite possibilities. This is certainly one field that is ever evolving and never stagnant! Effective sales and marketing strategies have the potential to take any business at any level to extraordinarily new heights. Regardless of the size, power or purpose of any given brand, effective marketing will play a pivotal role in determining long-term stability and position within the industry.

The main role of IRES Sales and Marketing Courses is to provide the perfect understanding to one of the most critically important and increasingly valuable skills needed in the growing global marketplace. Participants will explore a series of key sales and marketing concepts from the perspective of a professional business fast-paced environment. The workshops will further improve their understanding of the dynamic nature of marketing and sales, advertising, and promotion.


Office Administration and Secretarial Management Short Courses

An office lacking a skilled office administrator would be like a ship without a captain. An effective administrator or secretariat is an asset to any organization. He or she becomes the interlink of organization’s various departments and ensures there is a smooth flow of information from one end to the other.

The role of IRES Office Administration and Secretarial Management Workshops is focused around improving office efficiency skills and smooth running of operations in the office.The training programmes are designed specifically with the demands of the modern secretarial and administrator profession in mind. These courses cover everything from computer skills and office management training to industry-specific subject.