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The first section of the course seeks to provide the reader with an understanding of behind-the-scene concepts that must be understood before even entering into management and operations of sport facilities.

The second section of the course will focus on the implementation of management and operations in sport facilities, including organizational management, human resource management, financial management, operations management, and legal responsibilities.

The third section will focus on ancillary issues in sport facility operations management, including marketing, event planning, risk planning, and security planning.

The fourth chapter will articulate the need to plan for all types of emergencies that may disrupt normal operations through knowledge about risk management practices and being able to identify potential facility threats, vulnerabilities, and security countermeasures.

The final section focuses on benchmarking and performance management.


10 days

Target Audience

The course "Management fo sports facilities" is intended for:

  • Professional staff, are the employees of a sports organization who are hired to perform specific jobs/tasks in exchange for some form of remuneration.
  • Volunteer, non-employee who willingly becomes involved with an organization or event for no compensation to assist with a need that could not otherwise be offered.
  • Clients/Customers, a unique human resource for sports facilities because of the service orientation involved.

Course Level:

Course Objectives

With this course, you will understand what the sports facilities operations management are, why they are so important and what the implementation of management and operational strategies are.

At the end of the course, the students would have acquired knowledge in the management of sports facilities.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • What is sport facility operations management?
  • Why sport facility operations management is important?
  • The discipline of sport facility operations management

Module 2: Pre-Management and Pre-Operational Issues

  • General business structures for sports facilities
  • Sports facility ownership and governance structures
  • Models of organizational effectiveness

Module 3: Financing Sport Facilities

  • Financing concepts
  • Sources of financing for sports facilities
  • History of sport facility financing

Module 4: Implementation of Management and Operational Strategies

  • Introduction to organizational management
  • Individual behavior in the workforce
  • Group behavior and teamwork
  • Organizational culture and change

Module 5: Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Human resources in sports facilities
  • Human resource practices in sports facilities
  • Creating human resource manuals for sports facilities

Module 6: Financial Management

  • Introduction to sports facility financial management
  • Learning the Financial Language
  • Finance fundamentals

Module 7: Operations Management

  • Total quality management (TQM)
  • General facility operating procedures
  • Facility operations

Module 8: Event Planning in Facility Management

  • Sports facility event planning process
  • Activating the facility event marketing plan

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Course Administration Details:


The instructor-led training is delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web-based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.

All facilitation and course materials will be offered in English. The participants should be reasonably proficient in English.


Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be issued with an Indepth Research Institute (IRES) certificate certified by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).


The training will be held at IRES Training Centre. The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments and lunch.

All participants will additionally cater for their, travel expenses, visa application, insurance, and other personal expenses.


Accommodation and airport pickup are arranged upon request. For reservations contact the Training Officer.

Email:[email protected].  

Mob: +254 715 077 817


This training can also be customized to suit the needs of your institution upon request. You can have it delivered in our IRES Training Centre or at a convenient location.

For further inquiries, please contact us on Tel: +254 715 077 817.


Payment should be transferred to IRES account through bank before the course start date

Send proof of payment to [email protected]

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