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Unfortunately, we do not have any dates scheduled at this time. Do you have a date in mind when you would like to take your training?

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Contact Us on (+254) 715 077 817 / (+254) 792 516 000 or email us [email protected].


Digital Copywriting for Content marketing course is perfect for professionals looking to develop and practice writing digital content within a supportive environment. This workshop explains the secrets of writing and producing content on digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

This interactive course is designed to use case studies and you are encouraged to bring your own examples to work on during the day. The objective of the course is to help you become more confident in your ability to write and produce compelling and engaging copy and content.


This course is ideal for anyone working in social media in content or copywriting role. It is also suitable for anyone who is new to social media copywriting or content development. It’s also targeted to both business- and consumer-facing marketers and creatives who have experimented in content marketing or are looking to explore new areas in greater depth will love this course. Any mid-senior-level marketing professionals who will benefit from this interactive workshop.


10 Days

Course Level:


Upon completion of this training course, participants should be able to:

  • Attract traffic to your website/online content and increase in sales/awareness
  • Tell stories effectively
  • Understand how to remit content, engage with audiences, and measure the outcomes of that activity.
  • Get more value from your online campaigns.
  • Work with S.M.A.R.T. social media goals to achieve successful online campaigns.
  • Explain how to develop effective online marketing strategies for various types of industries and businesses.
  • Put together a social media and online marketing plan and track progress in achieving goals with a variety of measurement tools, services, and metrics.


Module 1: Content Marketing

  • Content marketing: B2B and B2C overview and examples
  • Defining the business objectives of content marketing
  • Researching and planning content marketing
  • Content creation: Including:
    • Writing for the web and social media
    • Identifying the right format
    • Focussing on audiences and personas
    • Defining tone of voice
    • Keyword research
    • Writing persuasive and engaging articles and blog posts
    • Writing for social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
    • Writing case studies
    • Rich content: video, infographics, podcasts

Module 2: Content measuring metrix

  • Content distribution
  • Link building with content: How search engines work, link building strategies
  • Measurement:
    • What does success look like?
    • Measuring what matters
    • Google Analytics fundamentals.

Module 3: Content Marketing Concepts and Strategy

  • Benefits of Content Marketing
  • Qualities of Effective Content
  • Types of Content
  • Content Alignment with the Buyer’s Journey
  • Community Management
  • Content Marketing Strategy

Module 4: Using Content Research to Find Opportunities

  • Social Listening
  • Competitor Content Analysis
  • Content Audit

Module 5: Developing a Content Marketing Plan

  • Content Marketing Goals
  • Content/Business Goal Alignment
  • Customer Personas
  • Content Topics
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Management Systems

Module 6: Creating and Curating Content

  • Content Stakeholders
  • Content Types and Formats
  • Content Tools
  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Content Creation Best Practice
  • Brand Components
  • Content Personalization

Module 7: Publishing and Distributing Content

  • Content Platforms
  • Benefits and Challenges of Content Seeding
  • Content Scheduling Techniques and Tools
  • Content Promotion Strategies

Module 8: Metrics and Performance

  • Content Marketing ROI
  • Content Marketing Metrics
  • Metrics and Content Marketing Strategy

Module 9: Digital Copywriting for Social & Content

  • How digital content has evolved
  • The anatomy of great social content
  • Designing a social media content brief
  • Writing for social sites including LinkedIn
  • The 10 mistakes to avoid when writing for social media
  • Writing a Facebook campaign
  • The power of pictures - content for Instagram
  • Producing online videos for YouTube and Vimeo
  • Making your content go viral
  • Sharing and solving to create loyal fans
  • Producing podcasts
  • Blogs – the greatest stories ever told
  • Beyond Hashtags
  • Dealing with trolls.

Module 10: Digital Copywriting and Content for Email

  • Layout
    • The subject line
    • Building the body of your email
    • Prioritising your message
    • Using multi-media and links
    • Checking your email brand tone-of-voice
    • Using plain English.

Module 11: Digital Copywriting and Content for Websites

  • How people read your site
  • Exploring personas
  • Retaining audience attention
  • Using data to pinpoint benefits
  • Organic style guides
  • Beyond homepages
  • Focusing on messages and conversations
  • The fundamentals of grammar
  • Editing copy for the web
  • Telling your brand story online
  • Getting to grips with your online brand tone-of-voice
  • Using keywords to supercharge your SEO
  • Webinar content.
  • Writing online news stories.

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Course Administration Details:


Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be issued with an Indepth Research Institute (IRES) certificate certified by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).


The training will be held at IRES Training Centre. The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments and lunch.

All participants will additionally cater for their, travel expenses, visa application, insurance, and other personal expenses.


Accommodation and airport pickup are arranged upon request. For reservations contact the Training Officer.

Email:[email protected].  

Mob: +254 715 077 817


This training can also be customized to suit the needs of your institution upon request. You can have it delivered in our IRES Training Centre or at a convenient location.

For further inquiries, please contact us on:

Kenya : Tel: +254 715 077 817 or  Email: [email protected] 

Rwanda: Tel: +250 789 621 067 or Email: [email protected]  


Payment should be transferred to IRES account through bank on or before the start date 


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