Training courses for professional development in Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning.

Monitoring and Evaluation is a process applied by organizations in different sectors including NGOs, Private and Government Institutions to improve performance and achieve results in projects. Seeing that M&E is the only way to establish a clear connection between the past projects and future projects in organizations, Indepth Research Institute (IRES) have designed Monitoring and Evaluation Short Training Courses, workshops, and seminars that are meant to help organizations build capacity on M&E elements that enhance the quality of evaluations and usability of the generated data. IRES M&E courses cover the basics of monitoring and evaluation with detailed units on successful projects plan, data collection, management, analysis, performance-based budgeting, strategic project design, designing and conducting surveys for M&E, report writing on monitoring and evaluation among other major Workshops & Seminars. M & E training gives participants a clear understanding of the process of initiating sustainable intervention projects planning, management, and implementation they target Project Managers, Project Officers, Project Assistants, Quality Assurance Officers, Administrators, Human Resources, and Finance officers among other individuals who want to become specialists in the M&E field. Improve your project management and evaluation skills by taking a project monitoring and evaluation course with Indepth Research Institute. Sharpen your understanding of all processes and knowledge in monitoring and evaluation and get varied certifications in monitoring and evaluation.