Training courses for professional development in Administration and Secretarial Management.

Searching for Office administration and Secretarial Management Workshops & Seminars? An office lacking a skilled office administrator would be like a ship without a captain. An effective administrator or secretariat is an asset to any organization. He or she becomes the link between the organization’s various departments and ensures there is a smooth flow of information from one end to the other. Indepth Research Institute offers a variety of short Workshops & Seminars for administrative assistants, Secretaries and all professionals in Office Administration. The role of IRES Office Administration and Secretarial Management Workshops is to improve office efficiency skills and smooth running of operations in the office. The office management and effective administration skills training is designed specifically with the demands of the modern secretarial and administrator profession in mind. The short courses for secretaries and administrative assistants cover everything from computer skills and office management training to industry-specific subjects.